shield_gc2012-2The General Convention is the primary governing and legislative body of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. With the exception of the Bible, the Book of Common Prayer, and the Constitution and Canons, it is the ultimate authority in the Episcopal Church. General Convention comprises two houses: the House of Deputies and the House of Bishops. It meets regularly once every three years; however, the House of Bishops meets regularly in between sessions of General Convention. The Bishops have the right to call special meetings of General Convention.

All diocesan, coadjutor, suffragan, and assistant bishops of the Episcopal Church, whether active or retired, have seat and vote in the House of Bishops. Each diocese of the Episcopal Church, as well as the Navajoland Area Mission and the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe, are entitled to representation in the House of Deputies by four clergy deputies, either presbyters or deacons, canonically resident in the diocese and four lay deputies who are confirmedcommunicants in good standing. Resolutions must pass both houses in order to take effect.

The convention is divided into committees which consider resolutions. Resolutions arise from four different sources: 1) "A" resolutions from interim bodies whose work is collected in what is referred to as the "Blue Book" 2) "B" resolutions which come from Bishops 3) "C" resolutions which come from diocesan conventions and 4) "D" resolutions which originate from Deputies. Each properly submitted resolution is referred to a convention committee which makes its recommendation to the House. When one house has acted on the resolution it is sent to the other house for consideration.

2019 Parochial Report Results Released (October 2020)

General Convention 2021 has been postponed. In the event that we cannot convene safely in person from June 30 to July 9, 2021, we will postpone the 80th General Convention to 2022, working with our partners in Baltimore as we determine appropriate dates. During the summer of 2021, we will hold an online convocation of worship and prayer to help us hear what the Spirit is saying to the church as we prepare to gather at General Convention. Read more here.

2021 General Convention Deputation

Lay Deputies
  Mr. Mark Spahr - St. Patrick's, Brewer
  Mr. Dick Rozene - St. Ann's, Windham
  Ms. Susan Mayer - St. Margaret's, Belfast
  Ms. Sarah Braik - Cathedral of St. Luke, Portland  
Clerical Deputies
  The Rev. Maria Hoecker, St. Columba's, Boothbay
  The Rev. Claudia Smith, Retired
  The Very Rev. Ben Shambaugh, St. Luke's, Portland
  The Rev. Nina Pooley, St. Bart's, Yarmouth
Lay Alternates
  Ms Elizabeth Hall - Christ Church, Gardiner
Clerical Alternates
  The Rev. Calvin Sanborn - Extraparochial
  The Rev. Nathan Ferrell - St. Mary's, Falmouth
  The Ven. Aaron Perkins - St. George's, York Harbor
  The Rev. Lisa Fry, St. Thomas, Camden

The 79th General Convention  -July 5 - 13, 2018 in Austin, TX


The Blue Book reports 
2018 General Convention Deputation: 
Lay Deputies
  Elizabeth Hall - Christ Church, Gardiner
  Elizabeth Ring - St. Bart's, Yarmouth 
  Dick Rozene - St. Ann's Windham
  John Hennessy - St. Luke's, Portland
Clerical Deputies
  The Rev. Nina Pooley, St. Bart's, Yarmouth
  The Rev. Mary Lee Wile, St. Paul's, Brunswick
  The Rev. Calvin Sanborn, St. George's, York Harbor
  The Very Rev. Ben Shambaugh, St. Luke's, Portland
Lay Alternates
  Mark Spahr - St. Patrick's, Brewer
  Daniel Summers - St. George's, York Harbor
Clerical Alternates
  The Rev. Maria Hoecker - St. Columba's, Boothbay Harbor
  The Rev. Nathan Ferrell - St. Mary's, Falmouth
  The Rev. John Van Siclen 
The 78th General Convention held in July 2015
Passed at the 198th Annual Convention of the Diocese of Maine, October 28, 2017: to waive the reading of Amendments to the Constitution of the Episcopal Church approved at the 78th General Convention in 2015. They are posted below.
B011 - Regarding Suffragan Bishops to the Armed Forces, First Reading
D003 - Regarding Admission of New Dioceses, First Reading
D008 - Regarding the Separation of the Two Houses of General Convention, First Reading

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