Are you a clergy or lay delegate, or an interested Episcopalian and you’re not sure quite where to look for diocesan convention information?

We are here to help!

  • Convention information will always be sent out in this Clergy and Lay Leaders (CLL) email newsletter. Just look for the yellow areas of the newsletter for convention-related information. Don’t receive it but want to? Sign up here.
  • We have an all-in-one-place diocesan conventionĀ webpage where you can scroll through to find the information you need.
  • If you’d rather not subscribe to updates, all of the updates we send out in these e-newsletters also are placed on our website’s blog. Again, it’s the same information, we’re just giving you a number of ways to find it.
  • If you know you saw information in a past newsletter but didn’t save it, never fear, we have a page on the website that listsĀ all convention communications that have gone out.

Finally, for all registered clergy and delegates, an “all you need to know” email will arrive in your inbox closer to convention time.

2022 Diocesan Convention

from News for Clergy and Lay Leaders 16 August 2022 & News for Clergy and Lay Leaders 30 August 2022 & The Dio Log – September 1, 2022