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New Initiative Grants 

Dreaming about a new ministry in your community? Consider applying for a New Initiative Fund grant from Diocesan Council. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Any NIF grant application received 30 days of more before one of the Diocesan Council meetings will be reviewed and discussed at the following meeting. 

Each congregation and organization in the Diocese of Maine is eligible to apply for funding to support new ministries, expand existing ministries in new directions, or to discern ministry possibilities in their community.

• Before you begin the online version, please complete the New Initiative Fund Grants Application Worksheet which can be found here.

• Please keep this version for your records, then copy and paste your answers to this online form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MaineNIF

• Your application is not complete until you answer "Yes" and follow-through to question #15 on the application asking for you to email your project budget here, including all income and expenses (pdf or excel).  Don't forget this step!

Once submitted, the application will be evaluated based on the how closely they meet the Seven Criteria for Mission, approved at Diocesan Convention in 2011 and you will be contacted by a Diocesan Council member who will serve as your advocate through the application process. Questions? Please contact Rev. Ann McAlhany or Cn. Barbara Martin

Grants Subcommittee 2021: Ms. Rita Redfield; Rev. Suzanne Roberts; Mr. Fred Fowler; Rev. Ann McAlhany (New Initiative Fund Grants point person), Staff: Cn. Barbara Martin





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