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Consent Calendar for the 202nd Annual Convention 

View the consent calendar items below or download a copy here.  

1.  Adopt Agenda for the 202nd Annual Convention

2.  Approve Minutes of the 201st Annual Convention

3.  Elect Secretary of the Diocese (Karen Perka)

4.  Elect Treasurer of the Diocese (Thomas Ward)

5.  Trustees of Diocesan Funds (Timothy Boggs; Nathaniel Henshaw; Carlos Mello; Nicholas Penfield)

6.  Elect Lay Provincial Conference Representative (Ted Fletcher)

7.  Resolution #5 Clergy Compensation for 2022

8.  Resolution #6 Lay Compensation for 2022

9.  Resolution #9 Canon 15: Diocesan Council Membership/Terms

10. Resolution #10 Canon 15: Budget to Diocesan Council Deadline

11. Waive reading of the Minutes

12. Waive reading of the Resolutions of Courtesy

13. Appoint Registrar and Archivist (Barbara Martin)


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