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New Faith in Maine podcast episode
Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Listen to the latest episode in the Way of Love series of our Faith in Maine podcast.  

Tune-in at 9am for the"Way of Love: Learn", a one-on-one interview with the Bishop. 
Questions asked include:
  • Why do you feel that it’s important to reflect on scripture each day? Why is a daily practice important? Rather than just hearing scripture in church each Sunday? 
  • What would you say to the person who doubts that stories from long-ago have relevance for life today? (why scripture important) 
The Faith in Maine podcast can be found on any platform where podcasts are found, including iTunes, Spotify, Pocket Casts and more. 
You can also dial the permanent phone number:
Feel free to give a call and listen. While the phone number stays the same, the podcasts you hear will update when we release new podcasts. You can also subscribe so that you don't miss any episodes!


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