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Personal Prayer in St. Andrew's, Newcastle
Monday, November 30, 2020, 12:00pm - 03:00pm

Advent Prayer in the Church at St. Andrew's, Newcastle

During the season of Advent (Monday, November 30-Wednesday, December 23) the church will be open for personal prayer every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from Noon-3 PM. You can enter by the outside entrance that is covered by the porch. There will be a volunteer present to monitor the space and to make sure that those present follow COVID-safe protocols:
1. You must wear a mask over your mouth and nose. You cannot wear a mask with a valve in it as this is not considered to be an effective mask. You can wear your own mask, or use a disposable one provided by the church.
2. Only 5 people will be permitted in the church at one time. If you arrive and there are already five people present, the volunteer will ask you to wait outside until someone leaves. If you have been in the church for a time already and there is someone waiting outside, the volunteer may ask you to finish your prayer time to allow for another to enter.
3. You will be asked to sit at least 2 pews apart from others in the church.
4. You will be asked to wipe down the area in which you sat with a sanitize wipe.
Location 11 Glidden St, Newcastle ME 04553

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