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Episcopal Diocese of Maine

Episcopal Diocese of Maine
Episcopal Diocese of Maine
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Video from the March 2018 webinar: 
How do we listen to God at work among our people? Dwelling in each other’s stories is one of the key ways that we invite our people to discover, name and celebrate God at work in our midst.
Here are tools from the February 17, 2018 workshop:
Here are tools from the January 2018 webinar:
Here is a tool from December 2017:
Here are the tools from the September 30, 2017 workshop:
Here are favorite resources from other sessions:
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“We haven’t failed: the world has changed”
-Bishop Lane in his second Convention address 
The world has changed.  More and more of our neighbors are encountering God in places other than church buildings and services.  And more and more, if we want to encounter God with our neighbors, we have to go out into our neighborhoods and see what God is up to.  

Over two years, Episcopalians across Maine will work with colleagues in the Dioceses of Connecticut, Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee, doing experiments in how we might join God in our neighborhoods, and coming together locally to learn from the results. 

This will be exciting!  We’ll have great support, from our consultant Alan Roxburgh people like Dwight Zscheile (People of the Way). We’ll help and learn from one another.  And we’ll move step by step so that everyone can take part.  

In May and October 2016, people from many congregations came to exploratory workshops.

After exploring and discerning, the following congregations joined: St. Patrick's in Brewer, St. Peter's in Bridgton, St. Paul's in Brunswick, St. Aidan's in Machias, St. Andrew's in Newcastle, St. Mark's in Waterville, and St. Andrew's in Winthrop. We are excited to have such a diverse and wonderful group of congregations. Each of them has a Guiding Team of lay people and a Coach from another congregation. Their clergy are in a Clergy Cohort. And a Diocesan Team will help the diocese to learn from this process.

Even if your congregation has not joined, you are welcome to use the materials if you are in the Episcopal Diocese of Maine.


Here are the oldest tools:
Living Local 2016 handout from fall introductory event
Powerpoint presentations on Adaptive Change, Action Learning and Designing New Behaviors from fall 2016
Step One: Listening to Learn
Here are the tools from February through April 2016:
Here are the tools from the January 21, 2017 Workshop:
Step Two: Discerning
Here are the tools from the May 20, 2017 Workshop:
Brief recording from May 20 - fast forward to the 6:00 minute mark to begin the reporting back from group sharing
Major recording from May 20 - fast forward to 1:18 to begin 
There are other tools collected at the top of this page.

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