When you plan adult formation for your congregation, create options.  Think in terms of a Menu for Adult Formation. Have goals and a big picture.


It's important to think about: Why does formation matter?  Formation should be more than just information-sharing. In the words of Bishop Jeff Lee, who spoke to the Maine clergy in 2015, "Formation is about conversion.  It's about having your heart broken ... It's about feeding and nurturing people. " 

It's important to ask: What are our goals for this year?  One church answered this by saying: "Our goals for adult formation are: half-way decent biblical literacy, basic theology and to enable everyone to tell their own story in a way that's authentic and inviting."  Another group said: "Our goal is for everyone to know the arc of the biblical story, to connect it with your own life stories, to see God's activity in your life and to be comfortable talking about it."


Also think about: Who comes to formation programs?  If the same dozen people will come regardless of what you offer or what name you give it, then the real question for your church is: How do we reach everyone else?

It's important to think about more than just classes and programs.  To borrow a phrase from Rev. Tim Schenk, the heart of the next question is: What should be on our Formation Buffet?

                What’s on the buffet:

Formation programs - classes and events

Liturgy as formation

Reflecting together after activities

Stealth formation

Formation to go

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Also, visit the Diocese of Maine's Adult Formation Resources Exchange

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