We are more than 10,000 people in 59 churches and ministries across Maine.
We seek to build and support strong communities of faith for God’s mission.
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Welcome!  This is one of six pages about Christian formation for children and teens.

It's brought to you by the Christian Ed Collaboration network, who are dedicated to mutual support and sharing of resources and ideas. 

Do you want to be connected with people in other Maine Episcopal churches who do ministry with kids and teens?


Quick things for new leaders, clergy and teachers to do:

1. Join the Christian Ed Collaboration Facebook Group.  This is a primary way that people connect.  The Christian Ed Collaboration is a network of people (laypeople and clergy, volunteers and employees) from Episcopal congregations all over Maine, who are dedicated to sharing resources and ideas.  We support and help one another.

2. Subscribe to the DioLog (our diocesan newsletter).  That's where to find notices of Christian Ed Collaboration meetings, Maine Episcopal Youth Events, continuing ed, etc.

3. Email Katie Holicky, the Christian Ed Collaboration Chair, or Jane Hartwell, who is the Diocesan Canon for Formation.  Say hello.  I'll help you with support and connections.

And also:

Take a look at the Maine Episcopal Youth Events calendar at maineyouth.org  You'll find out about diocesan events led by volunteers from many churches. Many kids & teens in grades 6-12 participate each year, and many of them help to lead.

To find out about our summer camps, go to Bishopswood.org for our regular summer camp (ages 7-16) and maineyouth.org for Summer Finale Camp (formerly BION) which is for grades 6-12, located at Bishopswood.

Contact other teachers and leaders. 

Come to a Christian Ed Collaboration meeting.

Also, Faith Formation Connect is our online community and learning group for adults interested in faith formation/Christian Ed/spiritual growth for children and teens. For more information or to join the next cohort, contact Emily Keniston at  or Jane Hartwell .

The Christian Ed Collaboration group budget will provide support for you to visit another congregation to observe its Sunday School or other programs. We have a small lending library. We may be able to help with continuing education. 


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